Exchanging best practices to foster regional skills intelligence strategies in Europe
in four steps:


Tuscany, June 2021


Brittany, November 2022

Skills intelligence transmission

Vestland, June 2022

Skills intelligence implementation

Catalonia, April 2023

A forward-looking project, seeking innovation through best practice exchange

With the objective of aligning the education and training provision with regional smart specialisation strategies (S3), the Stride for Stride project will work on building up the concept of Regional Skills Ecosystems. Six regions (Basque Country, Brittany, Catalonia, Tuscany, VaraĹždin, and Vestland) in five European countries (including high achievers, such as Croatia, mid-achievers, such as Norway, and low-achievers such as Spain, Italy and France when it comes to skills matching according to the European Skills Index 2020) will improve their capacity to identify skills needs and adapt their training provision accordingly. And this process needs to be done by engaging four main axes: public authorities, education centres (VET in this case), companies and the individual.

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